“You are all wonderful and heaven-sent! We feel so blessed to have you as a part of our child’s preschool experience!”

“Nothing but great things to say about this preschool! I will be sending my younger kids here when they come of age. Keep up the excellent work!”

“The educational staff at Our Saviour’s was absolutely fabulous! My little guy fought going to school in the fall. However, each school day his teachers were able to engage him and pull his focus right into the room. Within a very short time he was willing to bid mom goodbye and get in with the fun and learning. He was always eager to share what he did each day! We saw an amazing improvement in his growth and comfort level from start to finish! Thank you!”

“We love the extended-day option. I feel the extra time has really helped prepare our son for the activities and schedule of kindergarten next year. My son loves the extended-day and always asks, ‘Do I get to stay all day today?’”

“We just LOVE this preschool program! The teachers are so caring and they always have such fun activities planned for the kids. Our Saviour’s Preschool is such a great learning environment!”

“Our Saviour’s Preschool has provided a great education for preparing my children for kindergarten. This program has taught my children language, math, science, art and most of all social skills. The teachers at this preschool are amazing and make the atmosphere so fun for the children.”